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20 Signs He Is Going to Propose to You Soon

‘Will you marry me‘ are the four beautiful words you would want to hear from the person you love, with whom you dream of spending the rest of your life.
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‘Will you marry me‘ are the four beautiful words you would want to hear from the person you love, Knowing the 20 Signs He Is Going to Propose to You Soon will help you calm your nerve, with whom you dream of spending the rest of your life. . (READ THIS: 29 Guaranteed Signs He Wants to Marry You ❤️)

So, when you’ve been in that relationship for quite some time, you start feeling, “It’s about time he put a ring on it!”

If you love him and even see him being the father of your kids, then getting a proposal from him could be the natural next step for you.  (You can purchase our book on how to know his true intentions UNDERSTANDING MAN’S TRUE INTENTIONS)

But, it can be quite challenging to decipher if he has plans to pop the big question. Discerning the signs he’s going to propose is like detangling a Gordian knot!

How to riddle out your boyfriend’s proposal plans?

If you are on the lookout for the signs he’s going to propose, perhaps you have snuffled that something’s cooking up!

At the same time, you do not wish to make castles in the air and suffer embarrassment if your boyfriend has no such plans.

So, for unraveling the mystery, there are only two options. Either you talk to him directly if you are too anxious about the lingering suspense. Or, if you are in for surprises, you need to be alert to pick up on the cues.

Is he dropping hints he will propose?

Guys many a time prefer the indirect approach to propose or confess their deepest feelings. So, how to know when he will propose?

Well, if you are getting a vibe that he’s ready to propose to you, try to closely observe his behavior.

If you notice a sudden change in his behavior,  find him nervous for no plausible reason, or any other kind of unusual demeanor,  perhaps he is giving you signals!

Nobody but you will be able to decrypt these signals because the way of dropping hints will vary from person to person. 

Only when you know someone too well you will be able to pick up on the cues and decipher if there is a hidden meaning behind them.

20 signs he Is ready to propose to you

20 Signs He's Going to Propose to You Soon
20 Signs He is Going to Propose to You Soon

When you start looking out for the signs he’s going to propose soon; you might start obsessing over it. Every small thing would seem like an indication of a proposal.

So, how to know when he will propose? 

Check out these telltale signs your boyfriend is going to propose to you, and get to know if your special moment is near!

1. He has developed a sudden interest in your jewelry

He needs your finger size; he can’t get a perfect ring without your finger size. So, he will start showing interest in your jewelry all of a sudden.

Moreover, he will start picking your brain about what type of jewelry you like.

Rings are big investments; he doesn’t want to mess it up, so he will keep at it till he gets all the information he can. 

2. He has cut down on his spending

If he has changed his shopping habits from buying whatever he wants whenever he wants it to buying only what is critically important, then he could be saving up with the intention of surprising you. 

When a man is ready to settle down, he plans and saves not just for the ring, but your future familial expenses. Financial planning is one of the signs he’s going to propose.

3. He wants you to open a joint account

If your boyfriend does not mind you having your finances in one place, then he definitely is thinking of making you his better half at some point. 

The fact that he wants to jointly plan on how money is spent is a very good sign that a ring might be coming soon. 

This is one of the crucial signs he’s going to propose to you and wants to settle down with you.

4. He officially introduces you to his parents, family, and friends

Man clicking a picture with family

Is he about to propose?

A man who is not ready to commit will rarely take the initiative to show you off to his friends and family. 

Well, if your boyfriend has taken that confident step, he will likely surprise you at some point.

This step does not mean that a proposal is imminent. However, the good news is that he is at least serious about you and may have even considered marriage if things work out. 

5. He is making efforts to mingle more with your family

Once your partner has his heart set on proposing, he will make efforts to get close to your friends, family, and people you love.

If he suddenly starts getting cozy with your family, more so your father, then marriage may be on his mind. 

This is one of the signs he is thinking about marriage, and therefore, he is trying to carve his place in your family.

6. He has become secretive without rhyme or reason

Man proposing to a beautiful woman

How to know if he will propose?

If your man does not want you to be part of anything he does when you’re together, and he is not cheating on you, then he may be doing some research on that perfect ring he wants to put on your finger.

He could also be making hotel bookings for the big engagement and does not want you to find out.

Secrecy isn’t all that bad if he is showing signs he’s about to propose.

7. He has started discussing marriage, finances, and your future together

One of the signs he’s going to propose is when he starts discussing marriage, finances, and the future with you. 

If your boyfriend opens up a discussion about what your marriage expectations are and how financial responsibilities will be shared in the future, then it surely is a good sign that he is ready to spend the rest of his life with you. 

You probably have got the answer to the question, “Is he preparing to propose”!

8. He is showing signs of wanting to get committed

Romantic couple raising a toast

The fact that your boyfriend’s friends are marrying and starting families could encourage him to take the plunge. 

The admiration, fear of being left out, or been the odd one out could make him want to pop the big question. This is also one of the marriage proposal signs to look out for.

Peer or family pressure is not the most pleasant reason to want to get married, but it is one of the signs he’s going to propose. (READ THIS: 12 Guaranteed Signs He Is Never Going to Marry You)

9. You stumbled on a ring

If you were arranging his closet and accidentally saw a ring is hidden somewhere, or even a receipt for a ring you have never seen before, then it is possible you just ruined the surprise. 

According to the Knot 2017 Jewelry & Engagement Study, nine in ten grooms proposed with the ring in hand and actually used the words, “Will you marry me?”

So, if your boyfriend is a loyal one, this indeed is a sign that he is about to propose.

10. He is receiving many texts and calls from his family and friends

If you don’t have a birthday coming up, and it is not your anniversary, voila! 

He could be making plans for the after engagement surprise party. This is a huge hint he will propose soon!

11. Your family is acting peculiar

There is a big chance that he is taking help, either from your family or friends. When it comes to proposals, guys don’t do it alone. They need help. 

So be vigilant; if he is about to propose extravagantly, perhaps your family knows. 

If your family is becoming secretive and peculiar, then they are probably helping him with his proposal plans. 

All-knowing, secretive smiles, and the air of excitement is a big giveaway. Don’t go prodding for information, or you will ruin your own surprise proposal.

12. You find out he has been going to pre-engagement counseling

If he seeks pre-engagement counseling, it could be because he wants to confirm that he is making the right decision. 

He may be seeking therapists to help in dealing with his unknown fears about committing to someone forever. This is not an ideal situation, considering he might have a mild phobia of commitment

Nonetheless, it is one of the signs he’s going to propose to you.

13. He’s ready to let go of his ego

If your guy is the type that is used to quitting when things in your relationship become tough, but suddenly he is willing to compromise and listen, then his mindset is likely changing. 

If so, then he could be thinking about settling down with you. It is a sign he’s ready for marriage; it is a sign he wants to marry you. 

14. He is choosing to be with you more and more

Romantic couple enjoying their time together

When you have been with your man for a long time, you are aware of his routine. If that starts to change, something’s up. 

When a man wants to really settle down, he will start to spend more time around his desired partner, choosing them over his buddies. 

15. He has become overprotective about you

 If you feel that your guy has started to act strangely of late or has become more possessive about you, perhaps he is planning to get down on one knee soon.

If he’s ready to propose to you, he might get uncomfortable if you are becoming too friendly with some other guy or if you make plans to hang out with other guys too often. 

In this case, if he is serious about proposing to you, he is bound to get nervous and overprotective towards you.

16. He has started using the term ‘We’ instead of ‘I’

When you start to hear “We” in routine conversation, you can expect to hear wedding bells soon. His plans will be more about you and him both than him alone with his buddies.

This is a pretty small change, and if you aren’t looking for signs, you won’t realize this. 

If you are obsessing about the proposal, start paying attention to his pronouns. “We” instead of “I” is a sure sign of him going to propose soon. 

17. He is talking about having children

When do most guys propose?

If the guy you are dating has started discussing serious topics such as finances and having children, it certainly is one of the signs he’s going to propose to you.

According to the Knot 2017 Jewelry & Engagement Study, couples are candid in discussing important topics with their partners before getting engaged. As per the study, 90 percent of the couples discussed finances, and 96 percent talked about having children.

18. You got a feeling that the timing is perfect

You need to be very careful while you are figuring out this sign he’s going to propose to you!

If you have been dating for long, you both are on the desired career path, your friends and family approve of each other, and there’s no reason in the world to procrastinate your wedding, perhaps this is the time that you have been waiting for.

Your dream of walking down the aisle could soon come true.

19. He is suddenly too keen about knowing your plans

Romantic couple looking at each other

If you observe that your man has become too keen on knowing your plans about travel, work, or otherwise, perhaps he is trying his bit to surprise you to the best of his abilities.

He might be trying to make sure of your availability so that his plans aren’t ruined, and he can go about making the arrangements for the kind of proposal you have always dreamt about.

20. He has started enjoying others’ weddings more than before

Do you notice that your guy has surprisingly become too enthusiastic about attending the weddings? Do you feel that he has started noticing the intricacies of wedding planning like never before?

If yes, and if it is unlike the typical him, perhaps he is getting into the groove of going about the wedding proposal. If you notice his unusual interests like in the wedding dress, or the venue, or the wedding rituals, perhaps, these are the signs he’s going to propose soon.

BONUS. He is taking a keen interest in your beauty and fitness regime

If your guy is planning a prodigal wedding proposal with hundreds of people to witness the flight of fancy, your guy ought to become conscious about how the two of you look.

If you see that he has suddenly become too sincere about his gym routine, and he is encouraging you to join him regularly, or he is giving you unique spa or manicure packages, perhaps he is getting you dolled up for the big day!

How seriously should you trust these signs?

The aforementioned signs he’s going to propose to you are some of the commonly observed indications of a marriage proposal.

Nevertheless, how will he propose will depend on the guy’s disposition and the kind of relationship you share with him.

If your guy is the private type, he might prefer dropping subtle hints. If he is unsure about your response, he might prefer to keep the proposal a private affair or make attempts to know from your family and friends what you have in your mind.

If your guy or both of you are showboats, and he knows that you can say nothing, but yes, he will go down on his knee in front of a huge audience or make the proposal the grandest ever occasion.


Sometimes, it happens that a man keeps on showing signs he’s going to propose, but the day never seems to come. How to know if he will ever propose? 

Well, if he is showing most of the signs he’s going to propose, then he will! 

It takes time for anyone, for that matter, to muster the courage to ask for marriage. Some take more time than others. But it is okay!

You have to trust your instincts and wait for it to happen. You can also pop the question yourself if you can’t seem to wait or if you’re not convinced that he is showing signs he’s going to propose.

After all, you know your guy the best more than anyone else. If you are sure that your relationship is all about pure love, trust your partner

So, whether you propose to him or he proposes to you, sooner or later, you are going to walk down the aisle with him in the best of your wedding attires, with beaming smiles on your faces.



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  1. If you’ve been dating your guy for awhile and you’re wondering if he’s going to pop the question soon, there are some signs you can look for. One is that he starts talking about your future together more often. If he starts making plans for next year or mentioning things he wants to do with you down the line, it’s a good sign he’s serious about you and sees a future with you. Another sign is that he introduces you to his family and close friends. This is usually a pretty big deal for guys, so if he’s comfortable enough to let the people who matter most to him meet you, it means he’s serious about you and is thinking long-term. Lastly, if he starts talking about marriage in general, whether it’s something that’s happening with friends or family or in the news, it could be a sign that he’s thinking about proposing soon. Of course, these are just some signs – every guy is different so only you will know for sure when the time is right!

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