18 Real Signs of True Love from a Woman

18 Real Signs of True Love from a Woman

Women are unpredictable beings. They are emotional and they change their minds easily. They can be impulsive and surprising. They can easily fall in love, and later on have a change of heart. This is one of the causes of men’s heartbreaks. (READ THIS: 21 Sweet Ways to Prove to Your Girlfriend that You Love Her)

However, when a woman matures and experiences true love, she can be so selfless that she becomes so vulnerable. She would not let emotions sway her from side to side. She will be faithful to you.

How will you find out if your girlfriend or partner really loves you? How do you know if what she has for you is real love? Here are some signs that may help you find the truth out.

Signs Of True Love From A Woman

1. She Takes Care Of You Like A Mom.

You would know how much your girlfriend loves you based on how she takes care of you. Her mother’s instinct makes her do everything to ensure you do not get sick and you stay well. She serves you as much as she can to accomplish this. She cooks and brings you food, reminds you to take vitamins, and scolds you when you stay up too late because of online games.

2. She Is Willing To Sacrifice For You.

Your girlfriend can sacrifice her own needs to help you. I know some girlfriends who would do the assignments or projects of their boyfriend even when they have their own works to do.

3. She Is Kind And Patient No Matter How Annoying You Are.

No matter how many headaches you give her, she could not keep herself from being kind to you. Even if she gets mad at you for being stubborn, at the end of the day, she would soften up to ask how you have been. She is always patient with you because she chooses to see your good side.

4. She Forgives You Many Times.

No matter how many times you have hurt or disappointed her, she always forgives you. She chooses to forget your failures and gives you a lot of second chances. Her love is unconditional, so she does not focus on your mistakes and flaws.

Signs of True Love from a Woman
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5. She Does Not Tolerate The Bad Things You Do.

Despite her love, she would never tolerate your negative behaviors like skipping classes or drinking too much. It does not matter to her if you are not pleased with her disapproval. What is important to her is you get rid of actions or things that can harm you. She wants you to be a good and upright person because she wants to help you have a bright future.

6. She Pushes You To Be A Better Person.

Just like a mother, your girlfriend wants to help you be a better version of yourself. She wants you to be a responsible citizen so that you can live a peaceful life. This is the reason why she does not tolerate your negative habits.

7. She Encourages And Supports You In Reaching Your Dreams.

Your girlfriend wants you to reach your dreams because she wants you to be happy. She wants you to be fulfilled and successful as a person. For this reason, she will always encourage you to pursue your goals, especially during times when you are frustrated with yourself. She will do her best to help and support you all the way.

Signs of True Love from a Woman
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8. She Stays With You In Your Darkest Times.

During discouraging times, your girlfriend is always there to boost your self-esteem. She believes that you are a great person and you have a lot of capabilities. She will not leave you just because you are a mess. She will help you see your worth again and get back to your feet. She does not leave because her love for you is through thick and thin.

9. She Introduces You To Her Family And Friends.

Just like with you guys, you know your girlfriend is serious with you when she lets you meet her other loved ones—her family and friends. She proudly presents you to them because she wants them to know that you are the man she desires to spend the rest of her life with.

10. She Does Things To Get Closer To Your Loved Ones.

She does not only introduce you to her family and friends. She also eagerly connects to yours. She loves the people who are dear to you. For this reason, she will do her best to get close to them, so that they will accept her completely as part of her life. She wants to serve and please them because for her it is like doing those to you as well.

11. She Will Not Take Advantage Of You.

A woman who truly loves would not only be sweet and nice to her man whenever she needs something from him. If your girlfriend loves you, she would be consistent in treating you, even when you are not doing anything for her. Also, as much as possible, she would not ask anything from you. She does not like it when you spend too much on her or sacrifice your own schedules to help her with her needs. Just like how you do not want her sacrificing for you, she feels the same towards you.

12. She Does Not Take You For Granted.

Moreover, your girlfriend can make you feel her true love by appreciating everything you do for her. She does not forget to thank you even for small things. She is sensitive to your needs and feelings, so she does not waste your efforts. In addition, she would not embarrass you in front of her friends or anyone else, even if you have done something foolish.

13. She Shows Her Vulnerable Side

A man will know that she loves him when she opens up to him and shares her vulnerable side with him. Perhaps this means talking about a time in her life where things didn’t go as well as they should have. Maybe it is an unspoken vulnerability like insecurity; either way, it shows that she trusts you enough to expose herself to you emotionally.

14. She’s Excited For The Future With You

Another great sign that a woman loves someone is if she is excited for the future together. If she speaks passionately about her plans with you and can’t wait to spend more time with you, then it’s a good sign that her feelings for you are genuine. She’s not with you simply because she doesn’t want to be alone; she truly cares for you and wants you in her life.

15. She Hates To See You In Pain And Hurts When You’re Hurt

Another great sign that a woman truly loves someone is if she can’t bear to see them hurt or in pain. She should be willing to do anything to help make your pain go away, and you should feel the same way for her

16. You’re Her Priority

You will know when a woman truly loves you because your needs and desires are more important than hers. She wants nothing more than to make sure that all of your needs are met and taken care of, in return making her happiest by seeing just how much she means to you.

17. She Wants To Spend Time With You

A woman who’s in love with you will always make time for the two of you no matter how busy she is. Even when her work, hobbies, or social life come into play, she will always find a way to carve out some time for the two of you; go on a nice date, get dinner together, and make sure to take some alone time just between you two.

18. She Seeks Your Advice

You will know your woman loves you when she seeks your advice on important matters, especially those regarding the two of you.

You can tell a lot about someone based on how they approach situations, and if she is constantly asking for your opinion, it means that she cares deeply for what you have to say; consider it a sign of love!

You Can Surely Feel It

A woman who loves will do everything to care for her man. Being a boyfriend who knows his girl, for sure you can feel how she truly feels for you. It is only you who can tell if your partner is serious about the love she shows you. If you can feel her sincerity in everything she does for you, she has a big possibility that she has a true love for you.



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