17 Surprising Signs Your Boss Secretly Likes You

17 Surprising Signs Your Boss Secretly Likes You

Being your boss’s favorite would be awesome! However, it would be different if they have secret feelings for you and you cannot reciprocate them. Of course, you would have difficulty dumping them since you might lose your job, but pretending to like them too could be disastrous.

So, what would you do if you have a boss who secretly likes you? How would you deal with the situation, especially if you do not feel the same way for them?

Before that, you better confirm your gut feeling first with these signs that they like you:

17 Surprising Signs Your Boss Secretly Likes You

17 Surprising Signs Your Boss Secretly Likes You
17 Surprising Signs Your Boss Secretly Likes You

Gives You More Attention

1. They Always Stop by Your Cubicle.

Have you observed that your cubicle is your boss’ favorite hangout? Like, they always drop by even if they have no real concerns. And even if they can send you an email or ask someone to forward tasks to you, they find time to visit your area. And expect them to linger for a few more minutes than necessary just to ask about your day.

2. They Often Check on How You are Doing with Work.

Or they will stay in your cubicle just to talk to you about how you feel about work. Expect them to ask random questions. Like, do you have any concerns regarding your tasks? Are you stressed or pressured? Is there anyone bothering you in the office? They will sound as if they really want you to be comfortable working.

3. They Set Meetings Outside the Office with You.

It is an obvious sign if your boss likes to set meetings with you outside the workplace. For example, it could be in a coffee shop or a restaurant. When asked why you cannot discuss the agenda inside the office, they could come up with excuses, such as wanting a new environment or having another meeting nearby.

17 Amusing Signs Your Boss Secretly Likes You
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4. They Always Request Your Presence at Their Office.

How many times does your boss call for you to their office in a day? Like in no. 1, they could have talked to you on the phone or through emails. However, they prefer seeing you face to face. Then, they offer you coffee or tea and let you stay more than necessary just to have a chitchat with you.

5. They Laugh at Your Jokes.

Does your boss always laugh at your jokes, even if they are corny? It says a lot about their fondness of you if they do, especially if they treat other employees more formally. So, how do you feel knowing you are the only one who can break the ice in the workplace whenever the boss is around?

6. They Get Grumpy When You are Close with an Opposite Sex Colleague.

Are you close with your colleagues? Do you have an opposite-sex buddy with whom you are comfortable? If your employer suddenly gets irritable whenever they see you together, you can tell that they are probably jealous. If the boss really likes you, expect that they would not want to see you getting cozy with other employees.

Gives You More Favor

7. They Admire You in Public.

If they are vocal about how they appreciate you—but not towards others—people might say the boss is playing favorites. Or they might start gossiping about your relationship with them. If you are experiencing this issue in the workplace, it could be because of the special attention you get from the boss.

8. They Secretly Give You Gifts.

And have you been receiving presents from them? They may say those are only tokens of appreciation for your hard work, but it is doubtful if others do not receive anything. Company incentives are normally given at proper events to boost employees’ morale. On the other hand, it has another meaning if you are receiving these gifts secretly.

9. They Give You a Ride Home.

Does your boss offer you a ride home even if it is not too late yet? If yes, do they only do this to you? Typically, employers will avoid showing favors like this to a single employee to avoid issues. So, if they break the norm just to drive you home, you are surely someone special to them.

10. They Pick You as a Travel Companion.

Another sign that your boss secretly likes you is when they usually include you on business trips. If you ask them why you are always picked, they will say you are the most trusted or reliable one among the staff.

11. They Immediately Approve Your Requests.

How about when you have requests for budget or leave? Are they immediately granted without any further questions? Do your colleagues envy you for this favor? Well, you should ask why the boss treats you this way when others usually find it hard to convince them to approve their requests.

12. They Prefer Your Suggestions.

And during brainstorming activities, do your suggestions always pass the boss’ standards? If your employer listens attentively to your ideas but usually dismisses others’, it is clear that you are the favorite. Yes, your suggestions could be really excellent, but surely others have brilliant ideas too. Now, if almost all your suggestions are preferred over others, do not be surprised if your colleagues suspect you of having an affair with the boss.

13. They Give You Quick Promotion.

No matter how good an employee you are, it would still be suspicious if you get promoted fast while your equally brilliant seniors had to work for a long time before getting promoted. The only possible explanation for this is the special treatment you get from the boss. They probably want to win your heart so bad that they will give favor upon favor.

Gives You More Private Time with Them

14. They are Interested in Your Life.

Is your boss fond of asking questions about your life? Like, they ask about your family, childhood, or love life. They would only be so interested in these details if they are attracted to you.

15. They Invite You to Personal Occasions.

Has your employer invited you to the birthday party of their parent or sibling? If they like to invite you to special occasions without your colleagues, you should ask why. Of course, this is understandable if you are close friends outside work. If not, your assumption is most likely true.

17 Amusing Signs Your Boss Secretly Likes You
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16. They Call or Message You for Personal Matters.

Does your boss contact you even after office hours? Do they call or text you just to ask if you have eaten already? Or they may chat with you to confide in some personal issues and seek your advice. This is one of the common signs that will help you conclude that your boss likes you.

17. They Ask You Out After Work.

If your boss is fond of asking you out for dinner or coffee after work, they obviously have feelings for you. While there are employers who love treating their employees after work, they would not normally invite personnel on a one-on-one night out, especially one from the opposite sex.

Be Professionally Honest

Have you confirmed that your boss has special eyes for you? If yes and you do not like them, you should not fret. Do not be afraid to be true. It is better to let them know about your real feelings instead of making them think they have a chance with you.

You can politely decline their offers. And once they have confessed their feelings, be courteously honest to tell them what you feel. Moreover, make sure that you do not let the situation affect your work. Stay professional all the time.

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