15 Ways To Seduce Your Husband And Make Him Lust For You

You may think that just because you’ve locked your hubby into a lifetime of love with you, you’ve got it all in the bag. Not quite! Marriage takes maintenance, and maintaining love is no short order! So, you will need to know how to seduce your husband if you want to keep your sex life alive and burning hot!

Just like married women, married men still need to be shown appreciation, surprises, and seduction. That’s right, you need to learn how to seduce your husband. The chase isn’t over just because you’re now in happily wedded bliss.

One of the best ways to keep the spark alive in any relationship is to treat your partner like their love is not a given. Of course, we know it is to a certain extent in marriage, but treating your partner like someone who still needs to be sought after helps them feel wanted, desired, and super sexy.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s a smart idea to seduce your husband on the daily:

1. It keeps your relationship fun, interesting, and exciting.

2. It makes your partner feel appreciated.

3. You appear more desirable to your mate, both sexually and emotionally.

4. It makes your partner feel desired.

5. It’s damn sexy to be seduced.

Men and women have different approaches to how they want to be enticed. Because we’re dealing with the male mind, we’re going to be looking at fun, unique ways to seduce your husband.

Sex, Sex, Sex! How to seduce your husband

What’s one big benefit of tying the knot with your best friend? Sex, sex, and sex! Marriage seems like a given for access to easy, guaranteed sex anytime you or your partner desire it.

However, with complications from work, taking care of small children, anxiety, and the fact that it is just so readily available may have put a bit of a damper on your sex life.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way! One of the big components of seducing your husband is to sexualize your relationship. 

Back when you were seeing each other naked, there was an element of mystery, surprise, and seduction with every kiss, every touch, and every private moment. That’s not to say that sex now is boring or unsatisfying.In fact, it’s probably great. It just isn’t *new*.

While you can’t exactly erase the fact that you have already been intimate, you can find ways to bring that spark back into your bedroom. Here are the best ways you can make sex the focus of your relationship like it used to be, and learn to seduce your husband and keep sex exciting 24/7.

1. Always be up for it

Sex feels fantastic, but it also bonds a couple together emotionally. Periods and migraines aside, seducing your husband can be as easy as having more sex, or having different kinds of sex.

Screw on the couch or in the shower instead of on the bed, explore new positions, buy sex games, or get monthly sex boxes to spice up your already fabulous bedroom antics.

The idea that you’re up for new and dirty ideas will be a major turn-on for your guy. 

2. Be his stranger – seduce with sex games

One of the best ways to seduce your husband is by pretending to be someone else. Dress up as risqué as you would have when you first met, and instruct him to meet you at a classy bar in one hour. Have him come up and order you a drink, as though he were hitting on a stranger.

Follow up by role-playing the whole night through. Drinks and dinner. Make up entirely new identities and finish off the night by having a “one night stand” with your marriage mate.

You can even kink it up a notch by never breaking character and insisting that you get a hotel room to get down and dirty. 

3. Stop changing in front of one another

Like we said, comfort is great in relationships, but it takes a bit of the magic away. One way to combat getting used to one another is by changing out of eyesight of your partner, even if you’re changing into pjs!

This withholding seduction technique will make your husband all the more excited to watch you strip down the next time you’re getting dirty. 

4. Don’t forget to make out

Just because you *can* jump right into sex doesn’t mean you *should*. Don’t forget the art of making out just because you’re married. Take the time to seduce, touch, and tease your husband with a fantastic make-out session.

Instead of rushing to rip your clothes off, stay buttoned up in the most fantastically scandalous way possible.

For example, throw on some schoolgirl lingerie, or stay dressed in a short skirt that will hike up when you mount your man for kisses. He’ll love it, we swear. 

5. Seduce your husband via text

There are plenty of sexy ways you can seduce your husband via text. Take a naughty picture and send it on over to your man while he’s at work.

You can go all out with nudie pics, but if you’re a little freaked out by the zillions of things that can go wrong when sexting nudes, try something on the more seductive side, instead. 

For example, throw a thong, vibrator, and handcuffs on the bed, snap a photo, and send it to your man with the tagline: “What you’ll be doing tonight.” Or even something as simple as you sucking your finger and giving those seducing Bambi eyes will be enough to get his motor running.

If you’re not one for imagery, seduce your husband with your words. Phrases like, “I need you inside me right now,” “I want your dick in my mouth,” “I’m getting so wet just thinking about you coming home” are all perfectly acceptable sexy-talk to text to your man! 

6. Seduce him orally

There’s no secret pun in this statement. We’re getting right to it: seduce your husband with a blowjob! What’s one thing both parties likely want more of once the marriage years start piling up? More oral sex! 

Ask to go for a romantic drive with your man, then pull the ole switch-a-roo and satisfy your hubby mid-drive with a surprise BJ. Let’s face it: oral sex is fantastic, and surprise oral only makes it that much more exciting. 

7. Seduce him with respect

When we get comfortable with our marriage mate, it usually results in great things. Surefire great sex complete with orgasms by both parties, and not to mention, no more leaving the room to pass gas.

Being comfortable also means getting to wear pjs while you Netflix binge together on your days off. However, too much comfort can make the relationship feel stale, at times.

Another thing we tend to slack on? Showing respect.

Many studies cite that women are looking for love in a relationship, and men are looking for respect. “So what, my husband doesn’t need my love?!” Settle down, little missus! This may sound cold to the women reading, but let’s dissect the word a little and figure out what getting respect really means to your man.

Respect means to honor, to hold in esteem, and to show consideration and regard to. Basically, everything you would show when you love someone, but said in a more manly way! 

8. Seduce him with food

They say “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” for a reason! Seduce your husband via his favorite meal, complete with a promise of a sexy time treat afterwards. Include foods in your meal that contain aphrodisiacs, which are agents found in some foods that promote or stimulate sexy desires.

Some common foods you can incorporate into your suppertime seduction include oysters, peppers, asparagus, figs, strawberries, and red wine. 

9. Use compliments and common courtesies

Keep those compliments coming! If your husband is the type of man who responds well to compliments, make sure they never stop.

Now, obviously, don’t be throwing compliments at him left and right at every hour of the day. This will start to come off as a bit disingenuous, and rightly so!

As married women, it can be easy at times to see… erm… the worst in our men. Instead of being a negative nelly, seduce your husband by letting him know everything “right” that he’s doing in your life.

Let him know at random how happy you are that you married him, how you appreciate the way he provides for you, that he makes you laugh, or how good he is at being a father to your children.

And don’t forget to let him know how sexy he is! Men *and everyone, really!* need to hear positive reinforcement when it comes to their prowess. He’s going to want to know he’s still a desirable looking stud-muffin, and who better to hear it from than his wife?

10. Seduce him with a massage

Buy some massage oils and prepare to make him melt for you. Ask him if he’s tense and if he would like you to make him feel better.

Begin rubbing his shoulders, and then ask him to take off his shirt.

As you keep going, then tell him you want to massage other parts of his body too. Start with his butt and legs, and then work your way up to the more important parts. This will definitely get him relaxed and excited for more. 

11. Jump his bones in an unusual place

Plan a time when you can go someplace where you can jump his bones – but not at home.

Take a walk in the woods, park the car in an abandoned parking lot, or maybe even in an empty movie theater. Once you get there, surprise him and tell him you want him right here, right now.

Just don’t get into trouble for doing it in a public place and be discreet.

12. Bubble baths

Most men don’t like baths, but they do like sex! Get some candles, put some sexy music on, and dim the lights.

Get the bubbles ready. Then go to him and tell him you have a surprise that you want to show him. Don’t clue him in until you lead him with his eyes closed to the bathroom. He will get the hint in no time!

13. Perform a strip tease

Some women may not be completely comfortable with this, but let’s face it – men love it. That’s why strip clubs are so popular! But instead of him going there, bring the strip club home to him.

Focus on moving in a sexy way, put some music on, and remove one article of clothing at a time while teasing him the whole time. Tease him, tempt him, and seduce your husband with your moves. 

14. Take glamorous and sexy pictures of yourself

Find a place that does glamour shots. Or even enlist one of your friends to take some sexy pictures of you so that you can frame it for him to look at whenever he wants.

Buy some lingerie, and do your hair and makeup. Pretend like you are a Playboy bunny and make sure you take several different photos so you can make a collage for him.

15. Play strip poker

Okay, it doesn’t actually have to be poker if you don’t know how to play that game. But you can play some sort of stripping game.

After each round, the loser has to take off one article of clothing. At the end, the loser has to do any sexual act that is requested by the winner *within reason*. 

Marriage can be great, but sex can get boring and routine. So, here is how to seduce your husband so you can keep the home fires burning hot.


p data-skm-boomerang-el-2=”processed”>No matter how long you’ve been with your husband, it’s never too late to add a little spice to your marriage and remind your man how badly you want him. Use this guide on how to seduce your husband, and turn him from a bored husband to a sexy beast who can’t keep his hands off you!

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