15 Signs She really Wants You to Leave Her Alone

15 Signs She really Wants You to Leave Her Alone

What if the girl you like does not like you? Would you distance yourself from her if you find out that she is irritated whenever you try to make a move to pursue her?

It is clear to see if a girl does not like a guy. It is noticeable that she is uncomfortable with his advances. Being aggressive will not help a man win her heart. Instead, it will push her farther. So, what could be the best way to stop this from happening? The guy should stop insisting his presence with her. Respecting the girl’s space will help loosen her defenses.

So, how would you know if it is time to give the girl you like some space? You better start looking for these signs that she wants you to leave her alone:

15 Signs She really Wants You to Leave Her Alone

Her Body Language Tells You So

1. She is Stiff Whenever You Approach Her.

How does she react when you come to talk to her? If she seems unrelaxed and strict, there you have your clue. You may also notice that she is a bit cold and rude—not smiling or just forcing one. On the other hand, she will react differently if she likes you being around.

2. She Leans Away from You.

Her body language will tell you much about how she thinks of you. If she seems to lean farther from you whenever you are talking, consider it another sign. Those who are eager to listen to someone will draw closer. You may even notice her feet facing the direction opposite your place.

3. She Keeps Her Distance.

As mentioned in no. 2, she will draw closer to you if she likes your presence. On the other hand, if she seems to be moving away from you—whether slowly or quickly—you can tell she keeps her distance. If she has a choice, she may even exit the scene entirely.

4. She Does Not Look at You When Talking.

And how about when you try to talk to her? Does she avoid locking gazes with you? Is she not looking at you at all? It could be her way of giving you a clue to stop the chat. She wants you to understand that she is not interested in engaging in a conversation with you.

5. She is Busy on Her Phone.

Moreover, you can combine no. 4 with this one. Instead of focusing on what you are saying, she keeps looking at her phone, scrolling. She may even make it evident that she is chatting with someone by smiling or laughing while excitedly typing something.

15 Clear Signs She Wants You to Leave Her Alone
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Her Responses are Not Encouraging

6. She Answers Your Questions Bluntly.

How does she respond to your questions? Does she sound blunt or even sarcastic sometimes? If she responds to you timidly, not making any effort to say things politely, she obviously does not want to talk with you. If she did, she would try to sound sweet and interactive.

7. She Only Answers with a “Yes” or a “No”.

In addition, she may even answer your questions with a plain “yes” or “no”. She may not even try to explain her why’s. If this is how she responds to you all the time, you better stop trying to connect with her again. She is making it too apparent that she hopes the conversation will stop all at once.

8. She Does Not Ask You Anything.

Aside from the short responses, she will not ask you anything in return. It is not only for keeping the conversations brief. She also wants you to realize that she is not interested in you at all—not in your opinions, skills, experiences, and even your feelings. That is why she has no questions for you.

9. She Keeps Talking About Other Guys.

What could be worse than this girl not showing interest in you? It is when she keeps inserting other guys’ names in her responses. She talks about how she admires them or how she enjoys their company. And guess what? Talking about any of these guys is the only time you can hear her say more than one line. If she often does this, she makes it so obvious that she could be interested in any man except you.

10. She Pretends Not to Hear You?

Is there anything worst? Yes, there is—and that is when she completely ignores you. Aside from not acknowledging your presence, she does not bother to look at you whenever you try to start a conversation. Instead, she will probably turn to someone else, wear a headset, or pretend to be busy with something.

She Has Excuses to Keep You Away

11. She Always Goes Ahead, Coming Up with Excuses.

Another sign that she wants you to leave her alone is how she always flees whenever you arrive. Before you can even say “hi” to her, she immediately grabs her bag and tells everyone she has to go ahead. Or, yeah, she may be polite enough to stay for a few minutes and respond to some of your questions, but she will eventually come up with an excuse to go.

12. She Does Not Like Being Alone with You.

No. 11 could be most applicable whenever you approach her while she is alone. Aside from being stiff and unengaging, she will immediately get up to leave. And whenever you are with a group, and she happens to be left alone with you, she seems to panic and even gets angry at those who left. Again, she will immediately leave the scene.

13. She Always Says She is Busy.

Have you ever tried to confront her about why she does not respond to your messages? Or do you ask her why she does not join group hangouts (together with you)? It is not surprising if she always responds that she is busy. However, you will know this is not true if you find out that she replies to others’ chat or text messages and even goes out with friends whenever you are not included.

15 Clear Signs She Wants You to Leave Her Alone
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14. She Never Accepts Your Invitations.

Have you ever tried inviting her to a party or asking her out on a date? If she never accepts any of your social invitations, consider it a hint that she does not want to be with you anywhere. You should be sensitive enough to realize that she is not comfortable being around you.

15. She Tells You She Is Dating Someone.

This is the ultimate stopper. If she is straightforward with you about having a boyfriend, it means she wants you to leave her alone. She is probably fed up with your advances that she has to say it straight to your face. Whether it is true or not, you have to respect her personal space and give up on your desire to get close to her.

Give Her Space

Once you realize that the girl you like does not like you hovering around her, you should stop at once. Being persistent would only cause her to dislike you even more. Even if it hurts, you have to respect what she feels—that she does not like you. It is time to leave her alone. Who knows? She might even learn to like you if she sees that you are sensitive to what she feels.

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