11 Types Of Women You Should Never Date

11 Types Of Women You Should Never Date

Every man has a question before dating what type of women should you never date? There is no doubt you are a serial dater or start first time dating someone, you always need to validate the things that what type of women should you never date, so you can save your time, money & energy by dating wrong women.

Always keep in mind whom you date is maybe your future partner, so it’s important for you to date the right person and avoids the wrong person.

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If you have no idea about what type of women should you never date, then you are coming to the right place. In the end, you will easily get a good idea about how to choose the right woman you date and avoid the wrong woman easily.

11 Types Of Women You Should Never Date

1. Feminists:

Always avoid dating women who are born to empower the women and want to save the women from men. This type of women never treats you well and never respect you.

2.Emotional fools:

Always avoid a woman who makes you emotional fools. That type of women tries to act very emotional in the first meeting and ready to marriage with you without knowing you well. Their main motive is to trap you and start using you for their personal greed. Always avoid a women who plays with your sentiments.

3.Give preference to looks:

There is no doubt everyone wants a good-looking partner and there is nothing bad in this, but never date a person who gives importance to looks and avoid you to identify who you really are internal.

4.Give importance to money:

Never date a woman who is a honey lover which simply means who gives importance to money over you. This type of women never loves you and you never feel happy in your life if you choose this type of life partner.

5.Always busy with male friends:

Never date a women who is always busy clicking pics & going outside with their male friends and when you try to talk to her, she took you for granted.

6.Extremely crazy for you:

Never date a women who is crazy for you and a groom hunter. The main motive of groom hunter type women to cheat you at any type of their personal greed.

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7.The serial dater:

You never achieve anything if you date a women who is a serial dater. Her main motive is to enjoy their life to date as many as new men, so they enjoy shopping & traveling as much as they want. They were never serious about living in marriage.

8.Chatter box:

Always avoid women who speak like a chatterbox because this type of woman never understands your talk seriously and always talking with you like a talking machine no matter it’s a right or wrong time.

9. Overconfidence women:

Never date a women who is overconfident. If you date overconfident women you never take an important decision in your life and she always tries to control you. It’s very hard to conceive an overconfident woman for something because she never always thoughts she is right and you are wrong in every aspect of life.

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10.Doubt type:

Never date women who doubts you and keeps a detective eye on you and trying to track your phone. This type of woman wants all attention to herself & they never want to see you with other person and this is a very serious issue.

11. Complaining type:

Never date a woman who is always complaining about life and thinks very negatively. You never spend a positive life with a negative mindset person.

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