11 Awesome Characteristics of a Godly Man

11 Awesome Characteristics of a Godly Man

All my life, have been seeing and noticing the characters of some men and Hey there! Do you want to live a life that is pleasing before God? In short, do you want to be a godly man as long as you live? If yes, how do you become one?

Let us first define what a godly man is. He is someone who strives to live according to God’s Word. Yes, it is more than being a good person. He bases his decisions and treats others according to the Lord’s standards. He seeks to understand godly behaviors and wants to live to please God. This man tries to become more like Christ every day.

If you want more detailed descriptions of a godly man, here are some of the traits you need to live out:

1. Always Puts God First

A godly man puts God first in his life, above anything or anyone else. It is the most important characteristic of a person who lives for the Lord. Putting God first involves seeking to live morally, even if it is not comfortable. For example, it can help a person set aside selfish desires, which can lead to sinning.

Moreover, a godly person asks God for wisdom and guidance in everything he does. Before starting his day, he prays and spends time reading the Bible. Then, for the rest of the day, he dedicates everything he does to the Lord.

2. Responsible

A godly man always takes his responsibilities very seriously. He believes that God has called him to be a leader, especially to his family. Therefore, he takes the initiative to oversee everything under his jurisdiction, such as at home. 1 Timothy 3:5 says, “For if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God?” With the strength that God has given him, he always responds to the needs of the people around him.

How about when failures happen? A godly man never blames others because he always knows how to take responsibility for all his actions. He simply admits mistakes and tries to do better next time.

  3. Humble

Humility is one of the most remarkable characteristics of a godly man. Such a person is not boastful and does not see himself as higher than others. On the contrary, he always surrenders his pride to God. Moreover, he does not exalt himself, no matter how good he thinks he is.

A humble man also knows how to admit his mistakes. When called out, he does not seek to defend himself. Instead, he accepts rebukes and corrections without hating those who criticize him.

4. Man Of Mercy

A godly guy is also a man of mercy. He shows compassion to everyone. Whenever he sees someone in need, he will do whatever he can to help. Ephesians 4:32 says, “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you”. 

Also, such a person does not hold a grudge or bitterness against others. On the contrary, he is willing to forgive those who have offended him. For this reason, he will not hesitate to help even those who mistreat him.

5. Persevering

It is easy to give up every time you face challenges if you do not have perseverance. Nevertheless, a man of God typically has perseverance. He never gives up in challenging times because he knows that God is just testing his spirit, love, and faith. Therefore, he always trusts in God’s goodness.

At the same, he is hardworking because he wants to put his best in everything he does. Since he offers all the works of his hands to God, he perseveres for excellence. Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,”

6. Honest

A godly man is also honest and trustworthy. He knows that God hates liars, so he strives to say the truth all the time. For this reason, the people around this person can trust him. Such a man is known for integrity and word of honor.

Therefore, if you want to live for God, you need to start by training your mouth to say nothing but the truth. You need to avoid saying lies, even those considered ‘white’.

7. Teachable

As mentioned above, a godly man always accepts correction because he knows that he is not always right. In connection to this, he is teachable. He believes that everyone can contribute to a conversation, and he is always willing to learn from others.

Therefore, a godly man values the advice of others. He also allows them to speak into his life and direct him when he seems to choose the wrong path.

8. Generous

A man who loves God always helps and gives with what he has. He knows that his riches are not his own but come from God. Therefore, he considers himself as a channel of blessings. Whatever he receives from the Lord, he shares with others.

Furthermore, a generous person is not greedy. He does not seek anything in return when giving. In addition, he helps others not based on what he can benefit from them. Instead, he helps those who cannot pay him back more.

  9. Loves Peace

A God-fearing guy seeks peace and pursues it in all his relationships, just like Christ. Therefore, he does not like to argue or debate with others. He instead keeps quiet whenever he knows proving his points would only lead to an argument.

Keeping the relationship with the people he cares about is a godly man’s priority. He also strives to stay gentle with them even at times when he is angry. He is careful with his words because he does not want to sound rude or offensive.

10. Has A Pure Heart

A godly man tries to keep his heart pure too.  He strives to avoid lust and other temptations that can lead him to sin against God. Moreover, he avoids gossiping, judging others, and other forms of malice that can poison his heart. Instead, he does his best to think positively towards others.

A pure-hearted man is not yet perfect. There are still times when he fails. The good thing about him is that he willingly admits and repents from his mistakes. He asks forgiveness from God and does his best to commit the same failure again.

11. Fruitful In Christ

A godly man is fruitful in every area of his life because he remains in Christ. Since he strives to follow Christ’s examples and obey God’s commands, the Holy Spirit is at work in him. Therefore, his character exhibits the fruit of the Spirit. They include love, joy, peace, kindness, patience, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23).

Aside from bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit, a godly man also produces spiritual disciples. He shares the gospel with others and encourages them to study God’s Word. Moreover, he does his best to be a Christian role model and helps others to do the same.

BONUS. Loves Unconditionally

God is Love. In all the 11 Awesome Characteristics of a Godly Man I just mentioned please never neglect this. Another important characteristic of a godly man is the ability to love selflessly. He loves the people around him unconditionally. He accepts them for what they are while trying to help them improve in their weaknesses. He treats people with grace just like how God deals with him.

In a romantic relationship, a godly man is kind, patient, forgiving, and selfless too. He puts the needs of his partner and kids first.

All Point To God

A godly man is far from being perfect. However, his character is being transformed every day. He understands his weaknesses, and he regularly asks for help from God to change him.

Moreover, the goal of a godly man is to glorify God through His life. For this reason, he does not give up on striving for perfection. He wants his character to reflect Christ’s, so he is willing to change his bad habits and traits.

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