10 Ways to Be a Better Man in a Relationship

10 Ways to Be a Better Man in a Relationship

What does it take to be a better man in a relationship these days? Is it tons of money, a perfect face structure, a ripped physique, a 200 IQ score, or perhaps an amalgamation of all of these? Well, I would be lying if I say that having at least one of these will not be a bonus. However, that’s all they are: add-ons. Being a better man is not as difficult or unrealistically demanding as one might think. It all boils down to refining your character, both as a partner and as an individual. Here are 10 ways to be a truly better, if not best, man for your significant other:

1. Express yourself.
Gone are the days when men kept everything to themselves to the point that they break from the inside. The truth is that the more expressive a man is about his feelings, the more genuine he is as a partner. If you feel sad, cry it out! If you feel annoyed, say it! If you feel thrilled, show it! If you express yourself, your partner will not only appreciate your openness, she/he will also be able to effectively help you deal with what you’re going through.

2. Take a pause and listen.
Listening is an art, and it is an art that any guy in a relationship should master. You need to have the ability to not only hear but also understand as well as to react but not interject. Listening greatly benefits both parties; your partner gets a confidant whom she/he can openly express her/his thoughts to, and you gain an indebt awareness about what is going through your partner’s mind, allowing you to comfort him/her better. Thus, always listen.

3. Be Mr. Supportive.
Support goes a long way, especially in relationships. For every setback that your partner experiences, comfort her/him; for every milestone that she/he reaches, celebrate with her/him; and for every new dream that she/he shares with you, dream with her/him! The more you show your support, the more your partner will see that she/he chose the right person to fall and stand up with.

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4. Surprise to add spice.
Sometimes, our relationship with our partner becomes a little monotonous, if not stale. This is especially true for couples who have been together for a long time already. To continuously add flavor to the romance, surprise your partner every once in a while. Prepare a surprise dinner before she/he gets back home; slip a love letter on her/his bag before she/he goes to work; or plan a surprise vacation for the two of you! You may go for a grand or a modest one; what matters is that the surprise rejuvenates your bond.  Be stealthy and creative!

Ways to Be a Better Man in a Relationship

5. Accept and respect your partner’s preferences.
Just because you’re her/his soul mate does not mean that the two of you should have the same views and beliefs. It is inevitable that you and your partner will not see eye to eye on some matter, may it be on politics, religion, music, smartphone brand, or fashion. You have to accept and respect these differences in preference unless what your partner is into is clearly harmful or dangerous. Accept and respect the whole package!

6. Give and make time
Time is priceless; it is fleeting merchandise that can only be spent once. That’s why giving and making time for your partner is a clear sign that you indeed love her/him. However, a busy schedule can be a real challenge to this, but when things get hard, you have to try harder. It doesn’t always have to be long. A shared meal or a phone call may be sufficient, or worst-case scenario, a promise to have time on a certain date might be a good enough compromise. What matters is that you make sure that you always allot some of your time to your partner.

7. Trust and be trustworthy.
Trust is arguably the most important ingredient of a long and lasting relationship, so it only makes sense that a man in any relationship should not only learn to trust his partner but also be someone worth trusting. If your partner goes to a party with her friends, don’t immediately suspect that she/he will be up to no good; trust in her and her love for you. Likewise, if your partner trusts you whenever you go out with your friends, then don’t do anything foolish and break her/his trust! It’s that simple.

8. Love and improve yourself.
Before a man can learn how to love someone, he needs to know how to love himself first. Make sure that you always take care of yourself as well as make continuous steps toward self-improvement. Do what you love, eat what you want, study what interests you, and reach your own dreams! The better your own disposition, the better you can fulfill your role as a partner, and the more you improve yourself, the more your partner will look at you as an inspiration to also grow.

9. Be a source of safety.
For you to be a better man, your partner has to feel safe whenever she/he is with you. This does not only mean that you should be ready to protect her/him if danger comes her/his way. It also means that you should not be a danger to her/him. Hence, you should be ready to defend your partner from anyone trying to assault her/him, but more importantly, you should never assault him/her. Be the safest harbor for your partner.

Ways to Be a Better Man in a Relationship

10. Have a sense of humor.
Everybody loves a guy with a sense of humor. If you are able to make your partner smile and forget her/his problems or induce happiness and laughter in a gloomy moment, you’re already well on your way toward becoming a better partner. All couples will inevitably face obstacles and mishaps, and being a person who brings joy to even the most trying of situations is sure to make the relationship nothing but resilient.

You don’t have to be a millionaire, model, bodybuilder, or genius to be a better partner. Every man already possesses the necessary building block: character. Refine your character by following the tips above to become a better man in your relationship.

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