10 Places You Are Yet To Explore For Love

One who finds a spouse, finds completeness. “Finds” is the key word, thus, proving it to be a task which should be surmounted. But then, “how” does one find and more importantly “where” can make all the difference. The key would be to explore more of those places where people would characteristically converge for a common purpose and they’d be in high spirits in order to make that all elusive romantic connection that will change everything.
For good.

10 Places You Are Yet To Explore For Love


Wow! What better place to meet the love of your life than at a live sporting event? In such crowded places, passion abounds because the people who attend them usually do so in order to root for their favorite team or athlete. So, if Lady Fortuna smiles on you, by the end of the game, you could get someone to root for you too and the feelings will be mutual. All you need do is pick your spot, grab some refreshments and be in the game while studying potential suitors or catches.

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In addition, when a goal is scored or points are made by the team or athletes (whichever the case), do ensure you roar the loudest ecstatically.


Here’s another vibrant place to meet that special someone. Typical it is for the people here to be in a frenzy. At some point, with all the music and fanfare, bodies are bound to come together. Therefore, if you’ve got good legs and hips, simply move them to the samba and pin bodies with anyone as willing. In the course of this, perhaps hearts will collide as well. Merry accident!


This sort of place is where guys in particular hangout. Therefore, it’ll be advantageous to the females more. So, as a lady, you should just walk gracefully in, pick your seat or table and pretend to see the game. The kind of distraction you’d be posing to them boys right there would be intense. Lastly, not long afterwards, someone is bound to pay you a compliment and good things can commence thence.

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You probably need to stop if you have been turning down invitations to attend parties such as weddings, birthday anniversaries, jubilees, etc. Of the lot, wedding ceremonies present the best occasions to meet your better half because the mood of the attendees at such events are almost generally mushy.

Many a single person who attends wedding ceremonies are hitch-hopefuls, so, you just may be that person to hold one down. Additionally, parties help reunite you with friends from the past especially when you are mutual friends of the celebrant. Also, they afford you the opportunity to make new connections. To this effect, those calls to the dance floor can definitely heat things up, if you know what I mean, eh!


I’m guessing you’re probably that type of person who stays indoors all the time. Well, this is not only bad for your health, but bad for your love life as well. How can people hookup with you if you are a ghost or seasonal plant? Not possible, right? That buttresses the point about the need for you to endeavor to take leisurely strolls either alone or with your pet. That way, people get to see and know you exist. Besides, you never know, your lover just might be your neighbor next door.


Please have another look at the subheading above. The key words are “social” in social media and “dating” in dating sites. The word social means, “being extroverted and outgoing”. It also means, “…relating to society”. Social media and dating sites have done social interactions and relationships a world of good because they have hitherto proven to be a platform for the creation of lovers and marriages. For information on their names, Google will come in handy. Your future partner may be just a click away.

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The night clubs offer the opportunity for people to show their wild side. To this effect, there’s an in-house DJ to thrill you with the hottest music, drinks to make you loosen up, and the lights are dimmed for anonymity. To put it differently, if there’s one place for a shy person to truly turn it up a notch, then it’d be at a rave. You can find your soulmate in there too. So, come on, give it a go, will ya?


Religious organizations have brought many people together. The population especially in mega churches or mosques is startling and the single people in there are hopefuls of getting in a relationship with someone who practices the same faith as they. That said, the key would be to frequently attend programmes, belong to a group and get very active and committed. It shouldn’t take long before someone starts to crush on you. Hallelujah, Alhamdulillah!


I’ll not deceive you, many people who workout in gyms have ulterior motives. In gyms, they passionately help each other get into more comfortable bodies and in that process, establish an affinity. Gym members soon grow to become a society. Furthermore, once people bond, there’s just no limit to what they can become together. Therefore, you should enroll at a gym today so as to get physical and then emotional tomorrow.

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Why am I feeling like I saved the best for last? Well, the truth is that on campus is where the fun is at! There are hardly any social restrictions and parental restrictions are virtually non-existent. All you need do is sift through the campus facilities in order to see the people and choose whom you would fancy a connection with.

Regarding that, I personally recommend the library, sports complex, parks or/and cafeterias. Also, mark your diary for their social activity dates. By social activities I mean bonfire nights, end of semester parties, concerts, parades, rallies etc and thank me later. You needn’t even be a student to access most campuses, so, happy searching!

Your days of being single will come to an end when you explore these options.
I expect your reactions or questions in the comments section.

Thanks for reading.

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